Candlelight Company was established in 1960 by Mr. Meir Halperin. Meir is the son of a European candle maker who was himself the son of a candle maker. From very humble beginnings where candles were produced by hand in the family’s bathroom, the business quickly grew to become one of Australia’s major manufacturers of candles.

In 1970 the business moved from rented premises to a specially built factory/warehouse.

Throughout the 1970’s, production continued to be improved and modernised. The introduction of extrusion machinery and powder presses greatly increased the efficiency and volume of production. From its own inception, Candlelight Company supplemented its own production by importing products to Australia which were not part of our manufacturing plan.

In recent times greater emphasis has been placed on sourcing finished products, either from very efficient European manufacturers, or from the low cost manufacturers in Asia. The in-house expertise of manufacturing is now utilised both in sourcing the best products from all parts of the world and supplying and assisting candle manufacturers in our region.

Today Candlelight Company is recognised as Australia’s leading supplier of candles and associated products. Our customer list includes most of Australia’s leading retailers, but we pride ourselves in giving equal attention to businesses of all sizes. Similarly we give the same level of attention to small candle manufacturers that we give when advising and assisting the development of large, sophisticated production plants.